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  Pillow Blocks
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  Attach Technical
The company is specialized in making various kinds of bearing housings and adapter sleeves. It has the
capacity of producing five million sets of bearing housing and bearing units every year. It has a strong
technical force, high technical manufacturing equipments and high standard method of inspection. The cheap ralph lauren t shirts
firm also has a strict system of quality guarantee. Each item of technical specification of the products
has reached international advanced technology. The products are sold to more inexpensive wedding dresses than thirty countries,
such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, England, France, Italy, Australia, South Africa,
Korea and so on.

Main products of the company : Exterior spherical bearing housing, which includes over one hundred
series and one thousand two hundred specifications, such as P200 series, F200 series, FL200 series,
T200 series, FC200 series, ST200 series, PP200 series, PF200 series, PFL200 series, PA200 series,
PG200 series, P300 series, F300 series, FL300 series etc; Bearing units, such as UCP200 series, billige Rolex Replik
UCF200 series, UKFL200 series; Plummer blocks, for example, SN500 series, SN200 series, SN600
series, SN300 series, SNU500 series, SNU600 series, SD3100 series, SAF500 series, 722500 series,
1500 series; best replica omega Adapter sleeves, such as H200 series, HE200 series, H300 series, HE300 series, H2300 breitling fake watches
series, HE2300 series. The accessories of all kinds of bearing housings: Locating ring, Seals, End-cover,
Felt strip and grease nipple. The company also manufacture non-standard bearing housings.